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Duration: 1071 sec.Nudity: yesCreator: Ruffah
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1. Marie-Pierre Castel nude

Sometimes credited as: Pony Castel / Marie-Pierre / Pony Tricot

2. Mireille Dargent nude

Sometimes credited as: Dily D'Argent / Mireille D'Argent / Dylie Dargent

Movie title:

"Requiem pour un vampire"

... aka "Caged Vampires", "Crazed Virgins", "Dungeon of Terror", "Sex Vampires", "The Crazed Vampire", "Vierges et vampires", "Virgins and Vampires", "Requiem for a Vampire", "Die Folterkammer des Vampirs", "Jomfruer og vampyrer", "Requiem por un vampiro", "Requiem", "Requiem gia ena vampir", "Реквием по вампиру", "Caged Virgins" and "Virgins and the Vampires"

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