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Duration: 59 sec.Nudity: yesCreator: Ruffah
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1. Lauren Lee Smith nude

Sometimes credited as: Lauren Smith

Movie title:

"The Shape of Water"

... aka "The Shape of Water", "Forma e ujit", "La forma del agua", "Формата на водата", "A Forma da Água", "La forme de l'eau", "Tvář vody", "Shape of Water - Das Flüstern des Wassers", "Vee puudutus", "Shekl almaa", "Tsklis forma", "I Morfi tou Nerou", "Oblik vode", "A víz érintése", "Shekl-e aab", "La forma dell'acqua", "Vandens forma", "Ksztalt wody", "Forma apei", "Форма воды" and "Oblika vode"

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