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Erika Jordan's Personal Favourites - Top 10

 Erika says: "The last scene from Canoga Park Judy's Comeback, happiest work experiences were when under contract for PlayboyTV." 

 Erika says: "The second scene from Criminal Desires, a lot position and furniture changes makes for more interesting angles." 

 Erika says: "The scene with Christine Nguyen in Dirty Blondes from Beyond, finally got to make out with Christine and first experience working for Retromedia." 

 Erika says: "The scene with Jamie Lynn from Hotel Decadence, loved working with the two guys who designed the sets and set up scenes and Jamie is soft and cuddly even after a decade still on the mind." 

 Erika says: "The scene with Josh Rivers from Intergalactic Swingers, it was fun to be tossed around by a big good looking guy in a space with a lot room to move around." 

 Erika says: "The threesome scene with Christie Stevens and Ryan Driller, truly got excited with this scene. Your imagination can decide where it went." 

 Erika says: "Second scene from Naughty Reunion, spend so much time in the gym that sex in an empty gym is a constant fantasy." 

 Erika says: "Second scene from Political Kink Carnal Candidate, office sex just seems so much fun and still had the wild red hair color." 

 Erika says: "Scene from Sin City Diaries, first time on Cinemax and sporting the Playboy days snickers hair color." 

 Erika says: "Scene from Zane's The Jump Off Pass Interference, sex in the workplace just seems so naughty." 

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