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Duration: 444 sec.Nudity: yesCreator: zorg
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1. Sabrina Siani nude

Sometimes credited as: Sabrina Seggiani / Sabrina Sellers / Sabrina Syan

2. Unknown Girl nude

Movie title:

"Mondo cannibale"

... aka "L'emprise des cannibales", "Mondo Cannibale 3. Teil: Die blonde Göttin der Kannibalen", "Mondo Cannibale Massacre 3", "Inferno der Kannibalen", "Jess Franco's Mondo Kannibalen", "La Déesse cannibale", "Les cannibales", "Une fille pour les cannibales", "The Cannibals", "I vasilissa ton varvaron", "Oi kannivaloi", "La Dea Cannibale", "Horror caníbal 3", "Een meisje voor de kannibalen", "Violência Canibal", "Yamyamlar", "White Cannibal Queen", "Mondo Cannibale Teil 3: Die blonde Göttin" and "Mondo Cannibale 3: Die blonde Göttin der Kannibalen"

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